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50% of net proceeds will be donated to charity.

Only 50 units available. Only $35. Get yours before it's gone.

Dear Brethren,

I proudly present to you the FraternalTies® Support Our Troops Charity necktie. As always, this Limited Edition FraternalTie is made with 100% Jacquard woven silk, self-tipped, and wool interlined. 100 units was made but only 50 will be sold online. We are selling these creations at a very low price of only $35.

We originally planned to donate 100% of the net proceeds to charity, however, due to the recent developments during the past week, it became clear that our family is in need of a bigger share. If you have noticed the lack of update on our Facebook page, it's because we have been in and out of the hospital and clinics for the past several days now.  Our newborn twins, Gerry and Roger, 26 days old as of this writing, was afflicted with a series of health complications: prolonged jaundice, hydrocele hernia, and the most concerning of all- cataract like formations partially covering the corneas of their eyes. It is not yet known how this condition will affect their vision but it looks like corrective surgery may be required.

We trust the Canadian health care system and we are extremely grateful for the amazing support and guidance provided to us by our family doctor Dr. E. Park. Also many thanks to our ophthalmologists Dr. D. Bader and Dr. D. Sigesmund, and also many many thanks to the hardworking doctors and nurses from the Toronto East General Hospital and the Sick Kids Hospital- you guys rock!

50% of net proceeds from the sale of this handsome necktie will be for the benefit of our family, most especially our youngest members. The remaining 50% will be split between charities that support families of our troops and the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines where at least  5,235 people have died

Like most of our creations, this necktie will not stay available for long so get yours before it's gone. I would also like to add that the Support Our Troops tie will never be reproduced even if there's a demand for it (It's a long story. But if you're interested to find out why, see the updates on our Facebook page)

If you have any questions about this product in particular, please email and our Account Manager, my wife Rechelle, will get back to you within reasonable amount of time. 

Fraternally Yours,

Bro. John Paul Gomez

Doric Lodge No. 316



US/Canada: $10.00

UK: $10.00

International: $10.00