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Masonic Word Skateboard | Square Nose Deck

Display or shred this medium concave 7-Ply 100% Canadian maple Square Nose shape deck with high-resolution FraternalTies "Remember Freemason" artwork applied. The Square Nose is a gnarly and very fun shape, this modern shaped deck is one of our funnest to ride. You can attack anything and everything with this shape, as long as you are serious about it.

About the artwork:

It took our artist, Bro. JPG, a very long time to finish this Square and Compasses typography artwork. It features words familiar to Freemasons individually arranged to form the shape of the S&C.

About the deck:

Our decks are pressed in Canada using 100% rock hard maple that grows in cold regions near the Great Lakes. Maple trees that grow in this Canadian climate produce denser wood. The reason is that the trees in colder areas have slower growth rates. Thus, they have more rings per given length of a cross-section.

Shipping information:

We print and ship our skateboard products from our partner location in Denver, Colorado.

Deck size:

Square Nose - 8.75 x 33.25 Inches