Master Mason Tracing Board - Original Dominion Regalia Lithograph


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This is an original Dominion Regalia laminated tracing board as referenced in the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon website (see screenshot). Dominion Regalia stock cards show that the last time these posters were printed was back in the 80s (see photo).

As of this writing, there are only eight (8) Entered Apprentice/1st Degree Tracing Boards, eleven (11) Fellowcraft/2nd Degree Tracing Boards, and four (4) complete sets of EA FC MM Tracing Boards remaining. Dominion Regalia confirmed that they do not make these laminated lithographs anymore. 

    The individual EA and FC prints are available for purchase right here from our website. But due to the extreme rarity of the Master Mason tracing boards, we cannot sell them individually so four (4) complete sets (EA, FC, MM) will be auctioned instead. Please note that eBay will allow one listing at a time only. This is the link to the active eBay listing. Bidders must be Master Masons in good standing. We will check for references. We reserve the right to refuse business if the buyer or winning bidder does not fit the criteria. 


    Please carefully consider the size of these prints. These are 23x35" laminated tracing boards that have to be shipped flat, protected, and not rolled. They will be shipped in a 36x5x30" shipping box. The prints inside will be well protected. The box including the additional shipping materials and the poster will weigh at least 2kg. The shipping cost from Canada to Canada will be around $40, while Canada to US/International shipping will cost around $99+.