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A handsome Jacquard-woven silk necktie designed to commemorate the centenary of the International Order of DeMolay.   

What is DeMolay?

The Order of DeMolay is a character-building and leadership development organization for young men between the ages of 13 and 21. The ultimate aim of the organization is to build better sons which will, in turn, mean better men to be better citizens, husbands, fathers, friends and leaders in the future. We are proud to say that the founder and designer of FraternalTies himself is a DeMolay alumnus. 

Scrutinize the Details | Unaltered Photos

From afar, the DeMolay tie looks like a simple striped necktie with nothing remarkable. But as you get closer you will notice the texture. As you focus your eye on the fabric (hover the cursor above the image to activate the magnifier app), you will notice the familiar silhouettes on the background.

Self-tipped tie

We don't cheap out on our ties. The "tipping" or that diagonal area at the back of the widest tip of this tie is made of the same Jacquard-woven silk shell as the rest of the tie. Others save cost by using a cheap polyester material to cover this area.

Color Changing Fabric

This interesting effect is due to the unique combination of yellow and white silk fabric. The photos were taken during different times within the same partly-cloudy day here in Toronto. I don't use lighting equipment and have complete reliance on natural light although I use a foil reflector every once in a while. Photos were taken with my old and beloved Digital Rebel XT with a 50mm lens.