2012 Freemason Necktie Collection

The 2012 FraternalTies Masonic Necktie Collection

The Memento Mori 2

The second coming of our famous Memento Mori tie. The Memento Mori 2, the best-seller among our 2012 collection, is very rich in Masonic symbolism. It has a very good weight and like its predecessor, it also has the crossbones embroidered at the back of its tip.


The Philosopher's Stone

This 100% Jacquard woven silk tie is not for everyone's taste. But the esoterically inclined Freemason will definitely appreciate it.

Canadian Freemason

This one is for my Canadian Brethren. The metallic shine of this 100% Jacquard woven silk tie changes from rich red to fiery orange depending on ambient light.

Working Tools

One of the things that I noticed after I completed my 3 degrees was the slight difference between the Masonic Working Tools used in my adopted country Canada and the United States. I learned new beautiful things by studying the 'other' working tools used by the Brethren from south of the border, and I'm sure that the American Brethren will also learn new things by studying the 'other' working tools. You will all of the working tools together in this 100% Jacquard woven silk tie.

The Corinthian

"Beauty to adorn..." The beautiful capital of the Corinthian column served as my inspiration in designing this 100% Jacquard woven silk and very elegant necktie. As the Brethren who are proud owners of our "subtle series" can testify, The Corinthian is unique in so many ways. But perhaps its most endearing feature is its subtlety. At first look it may seem that it's just a plain black tie, but as the wearer of the tie moves his body, The Corinthian will unveil its true beauty and the viewer will begin to see Squares and Compasses amidst the stylized acanthus leaves and scrolls which are traditionally used to adorn the Corinthian column.